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Journey To The Light Home Page

Personal Transformation


Wanting to make a career change?
Looking for a new relationship?
Seeking to improve your existing relationship?
Seeking personal growth?
Wanting to grow spiritually?
Desiring to improve your finances?
Seeking empowerment in your life instead of victimization?
Wanting a sense of connection and community and new friendships?
Are you in a rut?
Are you recovering from the trauma of divorce or loss of job?
Are you needing to "start over" in your life?
Do you have a dream that you feel is "impossible" for you?
Is your life unbalanced or empty?

Chances are, you are feeling overwhelmed, do not know where to start, and cannot do it alone.

You don't have to. Let me help you find your passion so that you may live your life with joy!

Contact me today to set up a custom-designed program just for you.

My agenda is your success!

Call me at (480) 592-0622 or email me at janet.houser3@yahoo.com for an appointment today!

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