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Journey To The Light Home Page

Nutritional Guidance

A Revolutionary Breakthrough!
Learn how to heal your body by changing your body chemistry. This simple method teaches you how to eat, use supplements, and discipline yourself in order to create a new healthy body.

  • Release Unwanted Pounds and Inches
  • Heal Chronic Pain Syndrome
  • Stop Allergic Reactions
  • Heal Digestive Problems
  • Heal Skin Rashes, Dermatitis, etc.
  • Lower Cholesterol, Blood Pressure
  • Increase Your Energy Level
  • Free Yourself From Depression, Mood Swings and Blood Sugar Level Problems

As your Nutritional Consultant and Personal Trainer, I will help you to develop a New Lifestyle. We will do this together with joy, ease, and deep understanding of the healing process.

Give yourself the gift of a healthy, pain-free, harmonious body.

Contact me today to set up an appointment at
(480) 592-0622 or email me at janet.houser3@yahoo.com

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