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Journey To The Light Home Page

The Melchizedek Method Level Five

Distance Learning Now Available!

I will schedule a class just for you.

Level Five is a very visual presentation of 3D animations on screen (through DVDs), allowing these new sacred powerballs to be drawn in through the eyes.  Our eyes then connect through God’s Eye and into the Creator Lord’s Elohim Eye.  We manifest our “Zenith Light Body” of super consciousness through the love of our soul.

Level Five, known as “The Zenith Effect”, presents new symbology, sacred patterns and accompanying merkabah meditative techniques as Spirit guides us towards total heart and consciousness expansion.

Within Level Five, these sacred symbols and patterns, embedded into very powerful love spheres, have the effect of quickening our receptive brain cells to receive the highest levels of thought forms available to us through our super consciousness Metatronic waveform pineal gland and electromagnetic antennae connected to Orionis.

We already activate the most powerful merkabah on Earth.  Now we must expand heart and consciousness to accommodate the incoming 5th dimensional love and divine thoughts, to manifest our “Zenith Light Body”.

The technique we use to encode ourselves with these new sacred super powerballs is called “One Path of Vision.”  Through this technique, we merge the inner eye with our 3D eyes, and at the same time, connect the heart to the soul.

“One Path of Vision” not only allows us to accelerate our personal ascension, but collectively we release these powerful 5th dimensional encoded sacred super powerballs of love into the planetary 555 human Cosmic Christ Consciousness electromagnetic thought grid to serve the continuous advancement of humanity.

The Mayan elders have talked about the incoming solar 5th element Sun fully manifesting in 2012.  They are adamant that it will manifest, and our new world will be of love and light.  The continuous Level Five Melchizedek Method presentations will open human consciousness to evolve and accelerate towards this divine moment in our history.

The spiritual excellence of Level Five has been presented by Alton on behalf of Metatron and Enoch.  Their visions of ascension through Divine Will, coupled with powerful divine thought intention, guide us to our goal and will remain with us forever.

The six DVDs that accompany the manual are stunningly beautiful and present visually the magnificence of our merkabahs and techniques!

I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you!  You may study at home in the comfort of your own environment at your own pace and schedule.  Please contact:
Janet Houser
Email: janet.houser3@yahoo.com

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