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Meditation CD's


Experience the renewal, regeneration, and strengthening power of these celestial meditations.

New Release!

Be sure to order Janet Houser’s new CD set today!

CD One: Invocations for the Twelve Rays

CD Two: Healing Meditations

This set includes two CDs. Each CD is 80 minutes long with gorgeous musical accompaniment. These meditations are guaranteed to take you into the higher dimensions where relaxation, healing and bliss take place.
Experience the renewal, regeneration, and strengthening power of these celestial meditations.

Invoke the power of the Twelve Rays.
Access the guidance of the angels
and great Beings of Light
as you achieve self-mastery.

These two CDs cover all the meditations in Janet’s book
Self-Mastery through the Twelve Rays.

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Set of two CD's
CD One
CD Two

Book plus two CD's

Book plus CD One
Book plus CD Two

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Read what other people have to say about these CDs:

“When I listened to Invocations for the Twelve Rays and Healing Meditations, I was immediately transported into a blissful state of peace. The musical accompaniment was stunningly beautiful and Janet’s voice took me into much higher dimensions than I had experienced before. It was truly transformative! I recommend these CDs and the book Self-Mastery Through the Twelve Rays to every person who is interested in personal transformation and self-healing.”

Cynthia Reese, Arizona

“I was amazed at the lovely quality and clarity of these beautiful CDs! I was not sure what to expect, as I had not heard of the twelve rays before; but I was curious. Now that I have listened to the CDs, I am aware of a whole new realm of knowledge and power to draw light and strength from. I will tell everyone I know about these meditations. They have changed my life in a very powerful way. I think everyone would benefit greatly from these meditation CDs.

Sara Kellerman, New York

“I have been searching for a good meditation CD for a long time. In my opinion, Janet’s two CD recordings have satisfied my search. I listen to at least one of them each night. I find myself having more energy and relaxation and even sleeping better. I am even performing better at work with less anxiety and much more self-confidence. I know I have the new skill of calling on the Twelve Rays for help. I have tapped into my creative potential. I know it is because of these meditation CDs. Bravo, Janet!”

Kevin Zoe, California

“These two CDs Invocation for the Twelve Rays and Healing Meditations have helped me to become more aware and focused. They have helped me to access a new part of my self, soul, and spirit. I am enjoying greatly increased health and even look younger as a result of listening to these two phenomenal CDs. I can feel the infusion of Light and energy as I listen to them and even afterwards. The musical background is perfect for Janet’s warm, loving voice.”

Jim Marshall, Colorado

“I have been trying to persuade Janet to record the wonderful meditations in her book Self-Mastery Through the Twelve Rays since she published it two years ago. Now her CDs are available for all to enjoy. The great part about these CDs is that they are easy to follow and are definitely the best available. They have helped me to understand myself in a whole new way. I frankly don’t know of any other meditation CDs about the rays. Janet’s work is a gift to the planet!”

Dana Clements, Ohio


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